Open Linear Thinking

Hi guitar folks.  Just a quick thought:  Chords should be worked out up the neck using the natural open strings of the guitar for more exotic linear voicings, instead of always playing the basic chord & bar chords.  For example, this way of thinking can help with the e-minor chord utilizing the open strings in 5th position.  Since we have a low E (open), a fingered E (fifth string/3rd finger), a G (1st finger/4th string) and utilize the open G, B and E, we have a nice sounding E-minor that we can move up & down the neck achordingly (pun intended) to play rich open voicings in the key of G….which also, obviously, infers the diatonic key of E natural minor .

Open linear thinking can best be applied in the key of D (Bm), G (Em), A (F#m), F (Dm), C (Am) and E (C#m).

I will be posting an example of this used in a song in my next post….stay tuned (no, really stay tuned).

Cheers, Brian


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