Current Teaching Experience – Guitar /Harmonica/Music

·    At The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry NY since 2003

·    At the River Towns Arts Program and the Ovation Program in Dobbs Ferry NY since 2000

·    At  Putnam Music Center in Mahopac since 1999

·    Privately, at home studio, since moving from California in 1997

In the past, I have also taught at Eddie Simons Guitar Center in New York City and at the Dick Grove Music School in Los Angeles

I teach the language of music, including:  technique, listening, reading, scales, improvisation, playing, performance, vocalization, songs and styles.  My hope is that my teaching and extensive professional experience bring enjoyment to the forefront and manifest a natural love of music.  I help to define the unique possibilities in each person.

A student’s background, experiences, exposure, studies, listening, imagining and observing can bring out their individuality….if the language of music is learned.  We all have empty or weak spots.  Instead of relaxing in the comfort zone of repeated songs and riffs, we need to break out of mediocrity to constantly grow.


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