Plectrum Pleasure – Learning From Guitar Masters

Guitar is the most popular instrument I know. I’ve been teaching & performing for some years & I’m struck with how influenced students are by pop culture.   Of course it’s a popular community of sorts & we’ve all experienced that comfort zone….at one time or another. That’s okay, but could also serve as a very constricting wall. There’s a door to walk on through to the other side. We should be gathering the language on our instrument to state something individual (that’s where the true pleasure is hidden). Much like the unique print of our own vocal chords we each have our own voice on guitar. To emulate is a learning tool, but limited. With the advent of tabs telling you where to put your fingers (similar to paint by numbers) how will you ever be an artist? You will be able to replicate a song written by somebody else but never understand how to transfer that knowledge into 12 keys or the mode of expression that prompted the original thought etc………   Put in the incremental, Zen like, wonderful time to learn the language of the masters. The process can be satisfying.  Scales, listening & respecting different styles, Theory, Chords, Technique, Harmonic variations will give you the tools. You can build your own musical house with the right foundation & experience…….Plectrum Pleasure! 

Cheers, Brian Conigliaro

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